• Judah A

What Stats Reveal About Today's Christian

It would be very easy for a pastor in today’s climate to be moved by statistics.

For example, when we share on facebook;

– an uplifting Scripture: our figures and likes jump up. – a convicting Scripture: our figures and likes go down.

This assessment is based on Scripture alone – all God’s Word – not mine!

The temptation would be to alter the message, add or take away from the Word in order to make it more tasty, but a severe warning in Revelation about doing this and other similar warnings reveal that it’s not our job to change the Word, only to preach it as is and allow His Holy Spirit to work in the people’s hearts.

According to statistics on our page, if this were the reality TV show Survivor, it would seem that us Christians would vote God off the island very quickly.

If it’s God’s Word, and that Word is Jesus, it is Jesus that we are rejecting when we reject His message – even the harder stuff. You can’t love Jesus and hate the truth – it’s impossible!

Is it just us? No, just have a look at the titles of best-selling Christian books and DVD’S and their promises and you will find it is a scarily common occurrence. Other pastors around the world who refuse to compromise are noticing the same pattern when just sharing basic Scripture.

So will I lift the stats/likes or alter my course?

No, but only in His strength alone. I pray that I will continue to always gird my loins and keep marching doing exactly what I have been called to do, and that is to preach His undiluted Word. No compromise and with no added sugar.

Thank You Jesus!

— By Judah Christian Ayling