• Judah A

Warning! Buying Prophecy is Not of God

I was watching a TV program (on the net) the other day, and I happened to flick over to a guest being interviewed who claimed to have a, 'ground-breaking prophecy'.

During the interview, the man was quite vague about the revelation that God had given him and at the end of the show, they simply announced that you must buy the 3 DVDs to find out everything you need to know about the end days for a small “donation” of only $40.

So let me get this straight:

1. God gives the man this prophecy and revelation for FREE.

2. Then the man creates a DVD series with all this imperative information that we must know in order to be prepared.

3. Then this man charges $40 for you and I to have this imperative information.

Christians, don’t be fooled by these schemes.

What is God’s Word for His workers…?

“…Freely you have received; freely give.” Matthew 10:8

Now you could argue that it costs to produce these DVDS.

Well, yes that’s true. But the cost in producing a DVD nowadays is less a $1. Then add shipping and handling, you may come up to $5-10 at the extreme. But my question is, why don’t these men/women make the information available online for free? It doesn’t cost to provide this free online.

Do you think a man who charges for prophecy really represents God?

They withhold the imperative information so that you have to buy the DVD. Many gullible Christians would buy this out of fear alone.

If you need to know some imperative information about the end of days, you have the Holy Spirit who will ensure that you know. Our trust is in Him alone.

-- By Judah Ayling