• Judah A

The Context of That Famous Verse

Updated: Aug 27

Have you ever heard this verse spoken out of context before? Even though some have wrongly believed that this verse addresses the church today, this verse was originally spoken to the Israelites who were in exile due to disobedience. However, this being said, there is definitely a lesson here for us about God's character. I am reminded of a new testament verse that promises that when we are going through a trial of some kind, God 'will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you' (1 Peter 5:20).

The Israelites were not promised instant relief, and neither are we, but we can count on God being faithful to His Word and we can completely trust in Him despite our current circumstances.

Many Christian's have now rightly discerned the time that we are living in, due to the current situation taking place. We need to meditate on His promises now more than ever before.