• Judah A

NEW MOVIE - Jesus the Jew - ישוע היהודי

Shalom dear friends,

With COVID-19 still with us and due to heavy restrictions in Victoria, we decided not to wait to film our Hebrew gospel. Instead, we are extremely excited to present a cartoon version for you to share with your friends and family.

After having researched objections to Jesus for some months, I wrote a script that would tackle the most common of these. It looks fabulous and the message is very well put together. The gospel message is delivered using scripture from mainly the Hebrew bible and particularly delves into that famous chapter of Isaiah, number 53. Why did we do this? We want to share the GOOD NEWS of Yeshua with Jews around the world and what better way to do it than with Hebrew scripture?

Some more good news! The movie has English subtitles so you can share it with anyone. Our ministry is also offering a free downloadable version of the sound track which you will find conveniently located on this website under films. Share the music and film with as many people as you desire and please keep us in your prayers.

With more exciting projects on the way, we are finally pleased to share this one with you. God bless you,