• Jen Ayling

It's Time To Reflect

In only three short months we've seen the world change dramatically!

We're currently living in an unprecedented situation. There have been many plagues and outbreaks in the past, which date all the way back to biblical days, however there has never been one in our lifetime on such a large scale where the same plague has infected the global population and caused such havoc in our everyday lives.

With the help of modern technology, we've very quickly, albeit unintentionally, spread the new COVID-19 virus all around the world so we're now having to adapt to a new way of life.

Life as we knew it has come to a complete stop.

Where sports stadiums are usually overflowing with devoted fans who are screaming zealously, the buildings now sit quiet, dark and empty.

Instead of making movies and performing in theatres, celebrities are hunkering down in their homes, afraid to leave the house.

Concerts that were organised months in advance for singers and musicians to perform for their admiring followers, are now cancelling shows and refunding tickets.

Thousands of businesses worldwide have had to close their doors for an unforeseen amount of time, resulting in a global economic disaster where money is being lost instead of made and stock markets collapse under the pressure.

And people in countries like China, France, UK, America and here in Australia are all being made to stay home in lockdown until further notice. No holidays away, no eating out, no more doing whatever we want to do.

Indeed these are very trying times, completely extraordinary and nothing like we've ever seen before, but amongst all the loss - of which there has been many horrific deaths - there is still hope.

This is a time to reflect on our lives and think about where it's heading, knowing that we will not live forever.

A time where we can examine ourselves and find out what our purpose really is in this life.

A time to question where we're at and what (or who) we really worship.

The future is unknown and there's not one person on this earth who can say if/when this virus will end. However there is one who knows all things - and He is the only one who we can truly rely on.

If we will humble ourselves, repent for our sins, seek Jesus Christ with all our hearts, place our trust in Him and live for Him alone, then He will not only forgive us but He will save us both in this life and the next!

- Jenny Ayling