• Judah A

Israel & God's Perfect Love

There is something deep within the Jewish heart that connects a Jew to the homeland of Israel. Few Jews would tell you otherwise. Many Christians also experience a deep-rooted love for Israel and for her inhabitants, as well as an equal affection to the Jewish Diaspora.

Every time there is a conflict in the Middle East that involves Israel, the world, who are largely blind to the facts surrounding the conflict, see Israel’s response to opposition as dis-proportionate and merciless. The media and public response is generally one of sympathy towards the Palestinian cause. Sadly, few ever bother to check their facts, despite the evidence being glaringly obvious and easy to obtain.

Besides the obvious, there is a spiritual aspect behind the scenes here. I don’t want to over simplify a very complex issue but it all does come down to religion in the end. God loves His Jewish people and if history has proved one thing, it’s that whatever God loves, an anti-God society abhors. Let me spell this out. If God were to say tom-ato, the world would say tom-arto. 

I get asked all the time why I stand behind Israel. Israel has done many things right, and like all nations, at times she has stumbled. Israel is a work of God’s hand. I hear the uproar ringing in my ears when I say this. But if the Bible has taught us nothing else, it should be obvious that even though us human beings are completely imperfect and seemingly incapable of doing the right thing consistently, God has always remained faithful to His people. 

2 Timothy 2:13 ‘if we are faithless, he remains faithful— for he cannot deny himself.’

When praying to God about this recently, I felt the wind of God’s Spirit upon me. This is what I believe He quietly imparted, deep within my heart:

Israel is not perfect, God is perfect.

Israel’s love is not perfect, God’s love for Israel is perfect

Israel’s plans are not perfect, God’s plan for her is perfect.

Israel’s execution is not perfect, God’s execution concerning Israel is perfect. 

Israel is a state filled with flawed human beings, like you and me. I am a deeply flawed man and so I live my life on bended knee before my merciful God.  I am a work in progress so I believe this qualifies me to stand behind a state that is also a work in progress. We ought to be praying for Israel in agreement with the plans and promises that God has made known to us, concerning her.

I fear God and therefore I am not a critic of God’s hand. Instead, I choose to delight myself in His work, and this includes the state of Israel. He makes all things beautiful in its time. I see Israel through the lens of God’s love and though she is a beauty to behold even now, I can only imagine what she may be on that day of Glory. 

A love-sick husband will honour and protect his bride. If she is set upon by thieves and beaten in the street, her jealous husband will make sure there is recompense for those who dishonoured her. Likewise, God is jealous for Israel and those who dare beat upon her will inevitably face her jealous Husband.

As for me and my house, we will indeed serve the Lord and this means loving what He loves, and God loves Israel. She has by no means, been forgotten or forsaken by her God. There is a plan and purpose for Israel in which God will fulfill completely. Praise God forevermore.

-- By Judah Ayling