• Judah A

His Bride Is Arising!

God is raising up a bride who will seek out His will and desire to walk on the narrow path according to the riches of His grace. Gone are the days where the bride will sit and flounder in the distractions and vanity of this world. The Lord is raising up a people who are taking His Word to heart and obeying it because deep within them is a desire to please Him.

These people are soldiers of righteousness and holiness, who reflect His glory as the landscape quickly darkens. Their minds are set on Him and it is He alone that they obey. These are like sheep who adore their Shepherd and they hear His voice and obey Him. They relish to be in His presence and another they will not follow.

His beloved ones stand in faith and complete surrender, declaring His glory and speaking His Word without compromise.

They care for the lost and broken-hearted, turn the other cheek when persecuted and are clothed in humility.

They carry with them the gospel of peace and grace and truth are poured upon their lips as God protects them wherever they go.

Pure in heart, they quickly repent and speedily forgive others as they have been forgiven for their iniquities.

They are rich in mercy as their Father is likewise rich in mercy and leave behind them pools of living water for others to drink.

They are slow to speak and secured by wisdom at every step. They are confident as they stand before their Lord, boldly accomplishing exploits as they trust in Him.

His bride is being raised up through the fiery trials of life, but oh how marvellous she will be.