Great news! Reclaiming Messiah!

Updated: May 31, 2019

We have some exciting news to share.

Firstly however, we would like to express that we are truly appreciative to our friends in Australia and overseas who have continued to pray for us and support us in different ways.

Now for the news. We are about to launch a new ministry called, 'Reclaiming Messiah'. This ministry will focus on providing Hebrew materials relating to the Messiah, including our first film which is due to be released very soon. The idea behind Reclaiming Messiah is that we want to be part of the exciting phenomenon that is taking place around the world where we are seeing Jews come to realise that Jesus (Yeshua) is the Jewish Messiah. This is why we are 'Reclaiming Messiah'. We are taking Him back!

We are also working on a new project which will be filmed overseas. The music is written and produced by our ministry so this has been a fairly large undertaking for a smaller ministry. Please pray that the Lord will help us with distribution of these films once they are completed. We live in a time where sensitivity to the Holy Spirit is paramount and wisdom must guide our every step. We thank our Israeli and Singaporean friends who have and will continue to help us in many different ways. Please pray for them as well.

Lastly, the second print edition of, 'The Secret Lives of Ravenous Wolves' is almost finally ready for sale. This is also likely to become a series that we will be filming in our studio - God willing! May the Lord bless and keep you my friends. Judah & Jen