• Judah A

Focusing on What Really Matters


I was in prayer today and the Lord spoke to me, saying, "I healed the blind so that they could see My Kingdom, I healed the deaf so that they could hear My voice, I healed the lame so that they could take up their cross and follow Me.”

Sometimes we are so focused on the here and now, everyday life and all of its demands, we forget to cast our eyes to Heaven and think upon what really matters.

The Lord purchased us for a price. He has set us free so that we can fully use our life to serve Him. He has called us to a close fellowship with Him, to diligently seek Him. 

Nothing can compare with the riches of His grace and the mercy He has shown towards mankind. What the Lord has so richly blessed me with is incomparable to anything this world has to offer. 


– By Judah Ayling