• Judah A

Chariot of Fire - Professing Christians Left Behind


I saw a vision of horses pulling a chariot which was racing along the ground. I was in the chariot and as I looked over the side, I saw fire surrounding it. Other Christians were aboard this chariot with me, but many other Christians were riding alongside trying to keep up.

My heart sank because these riders were riding in their own strength. These Christians were riding alongside on horses but were not really with us because we were in the chariot. They thought they were but they never truly came aboard God’s chariot – which was Elijah’s chariot of fire (I later realised this after the vision).

I could see them straining to keep up and they seemed to be at full speed alongside us but then all of a sudden, the chariot sped ahead at supernatural speed and the Christians on the horses were left behind. They could not keep up because they had no power to endure. They were not heaven-bound, they were of this earth. Their horses couldn’t take them where we are going.

My heart is aching because I knew these Christians were so dear to me and we thought we were riding together because that is how it seemed, up until a point where they could no longer continue with us.

This is the day to get serious because the chariot is about to take off. Some might think this is the rapture … I don’t know, but one thing I do know is that it was a shocking vision from God that sent my heart into mourning.

Christians, do you have oil in your lamp? Are you really walking with Jesus? Please take this seriously. As a brother …. I want to see you on board this chariot …

-- Vision given to Judah Ayling